Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Dinosaurs

I've been enjoying Christmas.

I got to wear one of my hats to look extra festive.

My owner tried to bake a bundt cake with almond flour yesterday, but the cake turned out too fatty.

Next time it's back to normal flour!

But there was something else we wanted to try, so today we were back in the kitchen.

I got to try my 3D baking set!

And I made cookies with dinosaur footsteps on them as well.

After baking the cookies we got out the green fondant and cake decorating stuff. After a while we had a whole bunch of T-Rex body parts.

Don't they look cool and creepy?

We also baked some speculaas t-rex cookies, so we finally had lots of cookies.

But that was not all!
Those body parts could be fit together:

Christmas T-Rex!

I think he turned out really cool!

And soon he had a friend.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas!
I'll show off the cool presents I got soon.


Beanie Mouse said...

oh thats' brilliant!!!! 3D dino-cookies!!! RAAHHHHRRRR!!

Jeffe Kennedy said...

love them!

Jerry and Ben said...

Your cookies look great! Ben is beary impressed with the 3D cookies! Great job Sullivan.

miki said...

fun thematic for Christmas^^ ( more ideas for next year^^)

Aurian said...

Wow those cookies look amazing! How did they taste? Now I want one on my next visit ..

Sullivan McPig said...

The cookies themselves were standard cookie dough, the green stuff is very sugary.

Mrs Mac said...

OH WOW!!!!!! Dilly is amazed!!