Saturday, September 27, 2014

Noorderspel 2014

Today it was time for another Noorderspel!
Noorderspel is a local games convention. My owner and I always help out the local games store with selling games at Noorderspel.

Noorderspel was held in the A-Kerk (A-Church). A beautiful building.

in between selling games I found some time to have a look around:

I spotted a banner from the game Circus. My owner's OtherHalf made the illustrations for the game and did the lay out as well.

I also spotted this cool looking game.

And Space Marine armor.

It was a fun day and lots of people came to play and buy games.


RodeEgel said...

A great day! :-D ☆

Jerry and Ben said...

That looks like a FUN convention! What are your favorite games?

Aurian said...

That looks great, what was the best selling game of the day? And do you play that yourself?

Sullivan McPig said...

@@Jerry and Ben: I really like Worms, Dixit and Bohnanza.
I'm not sure if those are well known outside of the Netherlands and Germany though

@Aurian: Toothterror, but I don't have it. It looked too scary for me with an evil dentist on the box.

Hammie Hamster said...

Sorry we couldn't go, G had to gobto her study that day, hope to go there next time!