Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Early Christmas Fun


In the weeks leading up to Christmas we've received many cool Christmas cards. The Piggy card was of course addressed to us and not our owner.

There was also a special Christmas goodie box.

We had to investigate what was inside.

Crouching Piggy, Hidden Kitty

We always like the filling they use in these boxes, so fun to play in.

The amazing Sullivan and his gravity defying stunts.

Shaun finally arrived!
He was supposed to get here in June, but because of logistic problems (because of you-know-what) he was super delayed. Luckily he made it in time for Christmas.

And we got a mega box of sweets, cookies, cider, presents, and more from Miki! We have to wait with opening the presents until Christmas, but we're already nomming on all the tasty treats.
Thanks Miki!


miki said...

happy it got to you on time

Jerry and Ben said...

Looks like many fun gifts! Happy New Year!