Monday, October 28, 2019

Gilbert: A Yummy Dinner

If there's one thing I relly need to learn fast it's posting shortly after I did something. I've done a lot of things this last month, but I haven't posted any of it yet. So here's the first post of many.
(Sullivan: yeah, because I took my time to blog about Dublin, I forgot to teach Gilbert about posting regularly.)

At the end of September our owner and me went out for dinner with a friend. Thinking about Sullivan's advice to look for photo opportunities, I posed at the Martini tower.

It's a beautiful tower that used to be higher, but during a celebration the people of Groningen accidentally set the top on fire. When it was rebuild it didn't reach the heights it used to have.

For dinner we went to a place called The Five Tastes.
It had an all you can eat menu, so we went for that, so we could taste as many things as we felt like.

This soup was nice, but not as spicy as I thought it would be.

We got a basket of bread with some kind of hot peanut sauce. I never got hot peanut sauce with my bread, but it was good.

We tried all kinds of different sushi.
The Californian maki was my favorite.

Our owner even tried the Korean barbecue. You could prepare the meat at a grill that was in the table! She said it was beef, but I didn't feel sure enough to give it a try. Sullivan warned me that our owner sometimes eats meat that we really don't want to eat if we don't want to become cannibals.

I also got to order a cocktail!
I got a Wasabi Martini. It was delicious! It started out with a fresh lime taste and then you'd taste that wasabi sharpness. So good.

This was a really fun outing.
I think I can get used to this travelling.


Beanie Mouse said...

Travelling is always better when there's food involved. ALWAYS better!

miki said...

you had a great time^^

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Wow - quite the menu. I wonder if they make Wasabi ice cream?