Friday, January 22, 2021

It was our Birthday !

Last Saturday it was our birthday.
We received lovely cards from people and presents!

We got one mystery package we could open on our birthday. There were presents inside.

Cool forms to make animal shaped cookies and cookie stamps.

And even a piggy candle.

    Mister Blue loved the elephant cookie forms.
Thanks J&P! We will bake cookies very soon to try these out.

There were also presents and candy from Miki!

So much cool Cthulhu stuff!

I just love this mug.

And just look at this awesome notebook.

Thanks Miki!

It was also our owner's birthday and she got presents and cards as well. Among them this one. We took part in a super secret photo shoot to surprise her with it.

We had a fun birthday.


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miki said...

glad you could get a great birthday despites the restrictions