Thursday, May 30, 2019

May Adventures

I'm still around and doing fun stuff when I can.
Here is my May update:

We went to a sandwich shop where I got hot chocolate.

And an awesome grilled sandwich.
No piggies were harmed in the making of this sandwich.

I also explored the little pan they put on our table.

And I visited the May Fair!

I really wanted to ride this, but my owner wasn't in the mood.

This one is a bit too high for me.

The Jumper is another favorite of mine.

In the end we didn't go on a ride, but we played a game and found the girlfriend of the flamingo we adopted last year.

I also went to a liqueur tasting.

This was my favorite: Caramel Sea-salt.

This green one was tasty as well.

Some of the others were really awful in my opinion.

My owner agreed!

Next week I'll go on a cool trip.
Stay tuned!


Beanie Mouse said...

You didn't like that last one, huh??! Seasalt caramel is one of our favourites too!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

That last one had an aftertaste that tasted like tobacco. It was vile in our opinion, but tastes differ.

miki said...

great you had fun, and more fun to come

Jerry and Ben said...

Yummy treats!!!