Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A New Friend

Today a new pig moved in with us.
He is friendly and likes eggs, but he doesn't like angry birds.


Beanie Mouse said...

Hallo Piggie!!! Do you like chicken eggs or chocolate eggs??? And is Piggie your name? Or do you have some other name?? Enquiring minds have to know....!!

Sullivan McPig said...

He says the angry birds call him Bad Piggie, and he likes both chicken eggs and chocolate eggs.
We decided to call him Piggie

Beanie Mouse said...

Ah. I don't believe them angry birds. Angry birds are nasty. I think Piggie is a very nice Piggie, specially since he's living with you!!!

Jerry and Ben said...

If he name is Bad Piggie, Sullivan can teach him how to be a good piggie!