Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Birthday Trip to Schiermonnikoog - Day 1

Last Thursday we went on a 5 day trip to celebrate the birthday of me and my owner on Saturday.

It was a grey and rainy day.

After taking a bus we reached Lauwersoog, where we took a ferry to go to Schiermonnikoog, a beautiful island.

I got vegetable soup on board of the ferry.

When we reached Schiermonnikoog we took a bus to Duinzicht, the hotel where we were staying. We got a room with view on the water tower!

There was a big comfy bed, and even an infra red sauna, but I don't like sauna's so I stayed far away from the sauna.

The rain was gone, and it even was sunny, so we went for a walk.

We saw lots of beautiful things on our walk.

There were lots of beautiful clouds.

A cool reflection.

When the sun went down, it started to get colder.
Luckily I brought a hat.

When we got back to the hotel we had hot chocolate and amaretto to get warm again.

We had a very yummy dinner at Duinzicht, and then relaxed and read in our hotel room.

I love Schiermonnikoog.