Monday, July 20, 2009

The Answers!

Well, I think I must have asked questions that were too difficult to answer for my anniversary post, but in case anyone still is wondering what the answers were:

This boy is named Bartje and he doesn't like beans.
Find the post on him here

This game is called Cockroachsoup. find it here

The name of the pig next to me is Chief Hairy Pig. find more about him here

The writer hugging me here is Midas Dekkers and he signed 'Piep' for me. Find more about my big signing adventure here and here

Well..... as no one guessed any of the questions I'm going to give everyone another try with a new question. I'll randomly pick one of the persons who answer this question correctly and that person gets to pick a topic for me to write about!

And what I'm asking you this time is: What is the name of my cousin in Canada?


Cindy said...

moira! right? did i spell it right?

Marie said...

Well darling, that would be moi, Moira!! Hugs and Smooches!


EVE said...

Guess I was late on it...but I KNEW that one. MOIRA!!! (Those were kinda hard questions Sullivan, sorry. But glad you posted the answers anyways!)

Sullivan McPig said...

My idea was that people would have to go on a kind of scavenger hunt, but i made it too difficult....

EVE said...

It's OK was a nice idea but I must admit to you-I'm terribly TERRIBLY lazy. It was nothing against you. (Just lazy ol' me!)

Take care~