Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Food, Ice Age, Martinitoren and Stuff

I told you awhile ago that we got free movie tickets. Today we decided to use them and to make the evening even more special first we went to eat at the chinese wok-restaurant again. The food was delicious as always.

After dinner we went to the movie theater and saw Ice Age 3. My owner had to shut down her mobile phone so I only can show you a picture of the movie poster. I can tell you that the movie is great! Fans of Scrat will be happy to hear that he's in it again as you can see on the poster and he's funny as ever.

A picture of Groningen at dusk. Isn't it beautiful?
You can see the Martinitoren (Martini tower) again in the distance.

A picture of another movie that is coming soon: Shunshine Barry and the Disco Worms. Looks like it might be a fun movie.

A sign that says there are no intermissions and the ad for Coca Cola is suggesting you should get something to drink before going into the theater.


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Eve Noir said...

That does sound like a funny & interesting movie! You and your owner should definitely check it out...even if you gotta wait for the DVD to come out.

You know what JUST hit me Sullivan? And this is not a bad thing at all-your blog really relaxes me (and puts me at ease for a few moments)...

....the (always) pretty pictures, yummy (exotic) food-yes it's exotic cuz it isn't from here!)...and I always smile too. ^_^

Just wanted to let you and your owner know that.

Take care & enjoy the rest of your week~
Xox, Eve