Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cockroach Soup and some places in Groningen

Yesterday we watched Madagascar 2 and after that we tried out the new game.
It's a fun game, but also confusing at times and as you got to respond very fast you have little time to think.
Today it was finally dry outside so we went out for a short trip.

This is a statue that's in the park close to my home. We always go through the park on our way to the grocerystore.

This is one of the churches in Groningen. It's commonly known as the 'Nieuwe Kerk' (New Church). There's a lawn around it were people come to play games and sit in the sun in summer. I think it's a beautiful place.


Eve Noir said...

hi. i'm new to your blog. it's a really cute & cool idea. take care~eve

Eve Noir said...

btw: read your profile & i love the sandman series too! just had a poll on who was my fave character...and it's Delirium! =]

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks for your comment Eve.
I must confess Delirium is my favourite character too, closely followed by Gilbert.