Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yet another visit to Garnwerd today. The weather was very unstable: rain, sunshine, rain... So we were glad that this time we didn't have to walk, but were driven there by car.
Luckily there was sunshine when we arrived in Garnwerd so we could take a couple of nice pictures.

We visited a small store which sold all kinds of second hand items, like plates, mugs, photoframes, etc..

These flowers weren't for sale, but it was a nice spot for a short rest.

Sunshine behind the clouds.

Baron McPig!
Too bad it was only for decoration and couldn't really fly.


Cindy said...


You are so adorable in that little plane! :D

EVE said...

Garnwerd looks really nice to visit. (Oh I know a thing or two about unstable weather living in Detroit!) I love that cute lil' store...did you get anything?

Hmm...I think Sullivan flew planes in a past life. ^_^

Take care~