Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art, Game and Voodoo Doll

This strange statue thing is on a square that we pass almost every day on our way to work. Usually there's lots of people standing around it as there's a school and a bus stop close by, but on saturday morning especially during school holidays it's deserted, so a nice opportunity to take a picture. I think it looks like a weird tree, but my owner's OH thinks it looks like a schematic of arteries.

After work we went into town and my owner bought me this McPig sized dice game called 'Regenwormen' (worms, or a more correct translation: rainworms). My owner and her OH already own the big (normal) version of the game, but this one is not only suitable for me, it can also be brought along on trips very easily. Useless fact: This game is made in Germany and originally it's called 'Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck'.

No, this isn't Moira who flew all the way from Canada if that's what you think! This is Moira's brother Gavin. When in town we found him a voodoo doll! Voodoo Bride is very happy with the new voodoo doll (who's called Bee) as it's a girl too. So now they can have girlish talks from time to time. And Moira: expect a small something coming your way in the near future (if we manage to fit in a trip to the post office).


EVE said...

I like the statue. It's really cool! The first thing I thought was a HEART in a TREE. Hmm...I see it both ways as you & your owner's OH. Wonder what the artist was thinking??? Hmm...curious!

Gavin is really cute...and Bee looks pretty. Yay that Voodoo Bride can have some girlish talks. Girls definitely need their GIRLFRIENDS sometimes!!!

Cindy said...

awww....two piggies?! so cute! :)

Sullivan McPig said...

there's lots of McPigs here! Just take a look here:
to meet my family.

Marie said...

Hey Sullivan and Gavin!! Looking at the pictures of the two of you makes me miss you and home so much but then I realize that I have another home here in Canada. And I look forward to my surprise! I just love getting surprises and presents!! Love and kisses to you and all of the family!