Monday, August 14, 2017

A Forest and a Monster?

Yesterday it promised to be a lovely day, so we went for a walk.

We wanted to go to a forest.
This might look like a forest, but it had a meadow on one side and a road on the other.

This looks more like it.
A sign that said we were entering a special nature zone with rules we had to follow as not to disturb the wildlife. I wonder what kind of wildlife.

As we entered the forest my owner told me a story about a forest monster.
Was the Forest Monster the wildlife we shouldn't disturb?

It was beautiful in the forest and i spotted mushrooms that looked like potatoes!

I did some climbing.

This small branch was more comfortable than it might look.

Another mushroom.

Then I heard a strange sound.
Like someone was munching on something!

I decided to investigate.
It could be the Forest Monster!

Nope, not here.

Hmm... If it is the monster, it's good at hiding.

Not in this tree.

Not here either.

More mushrooms.
But someone had clearly been munching on these!

And then I spotted the culprit!

It wasn't a monster:
It was Tiny, the luck elephant. He was curious about the mushrooms and decided to taste them. He said that shiitake mushrooms are tastier.

That mystery solved we continued our walk.

I spotted acorns!

Someone had munched on this acorn. It wasn't Tiny though.

We took a break in this lovely field of heather.

The weather was indeed lovely. Nice and sunny.
We had a lot of grey days lately, so we enjoyed the sun.

A really big mushroom.
I think it's a tinder fungus.

A really tiny mushroom.

After a wonderful walk we made our way back to the bus station to go home again.

But before we took a bus back home, we had something to eat.
Fries! Yum!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Awesome Mail

I had two awesome books in my mail, and I also received two beautiful cards from Eve.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Trip to the Efteling - part 2

After I fled from the witch's house, I saw a family of goats.

And a dragon!


Another castle!
There was a sign that said you might get dizzy if you went inside the castle, so I didn't dare go inside.

We did go on a boat ride and saw a mythical city in Fata Morgana.

We also went to a spooky castle, but it was too dark to take pictures. There were dancing ghosts and zombies!

Next we went in search of a cool roller coaster.

Found it!

There was another dragon next to the roller coaster.

Isn't he cool?!

After the roller coaster we took a drive in an Old Timer.

I spotted a really big bird.

And a chicken that is said to lay golden eggs.
We didn't have a coin anymore to get an egg though.

Water fountain geese.

We went on a ride that was called Dream Flight.
I couldn't take pictures, but we saw fairies and magical cities.

We were getting hungry, so we got french fries and other yummy food.

An Octopus restaurant?

They had pasta and bread in the restaurant, so I was glad we ate somewhere where they had french fries instead.

We did have a look inside.

These jellyfish lamps are awesome!

It was getting late and we had a long journey ahead of us to get home, so finally we said goodbye to the Efteling.

What a fun day.
I hope we go again sometime.