Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beautiful Gift and Twilight (not the movie)

My owner got a really beautiful Death collage from Eve!
Death is one of my owner's favourite characters from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics and Eve made this especially for my owner. You can understand how proud my owner is to be given such a beautiful and special gift.

The backside is also very beautiful. We will have to find a way to display it so we can enjoy both sides of it. We'll probably end up in turning it around at certain intervals.
Eve: Thank you very much both from me and my owner!

In other news: we took a walk yesterday evening.
We enjoyed watching the darkening sky, very pretty!

If only I could climb those electricity poles, it must be a great view from up there.


EVE said...

So glad you liked it & that it arrived safe & sound. I don't mind if you don't display the can always take it out of the frame to look at it. :) (Very happy you like the back though!)

I like how you wrote Twilight (not the film)...ha ha. I actually had a Twilight mix up recently. There's a band from the US called The Twilight Singers...and I got one of their tour shirts (years ago)...and at the top of the shirt, it just says Twilight. Peeps said "Is that for the film?" I'm like NOOOOOO! Haven't been wearing that shirt much lately...:)

OH & nice Twilight pics of course!


Cindy said...

very nice gift! :)