Friday, May 26, 2017

Love Letter Convention - Day 1

On Saturday, May 20 we got up really early and had breakfast before we took the subway to get where we needed to go.

In this school was the Love Letter Convention.
It's a convention with lots of romance authors.

After getting our badge we got a goodie bag which we decided to check out later, because it was time for the first panel.

Samantha Young, Cora Carmack, Jay Crownover, Monica Murphy, Annie Stone, and Mona Kasten talked about New Adult books. They told about their own books, which books they loved, and why they wrote New Adult stories. It was a fun panel and it made me curious about their books.

The hour after that there were only panels and such in German, so we enjoyed the nice weather, and scoped out the sales room. Unfortunately they only had books in German.

At 11:00 there was a Q&A with the author I really wanted to meet: Ann Aguirre! She was joined by Margaret Mallory, an author who writes Historical Romance.

Ann Aguirre recognized me! So cool. My owner asked about Ann's upcoming project with Rachel Caine and it sounds amazing. Ann was giving books to the people with the best questions, and guess what?

We won!
Yes! That's an ARC of Vanguard, a companion novel to the Razorland Saga. And it's signed to me!!

Next we went to a presentation by Cara Connelly.
She talked about the locations in her books and showed slides to accompany her story.

We had lunch after that and chatted with other book lovers.

After lunch I got to meet Kelsey Sutton.
She was kind enough to pose with me and to sign the books I brought.

There were very yummy McPig sized snacks from the LYX tea party.

On our way to the next panel we met Ann Aguirre again and she signed Enclave and Stone Maiden for me.

Next Martina Gercke, Jay Crownover, Samantha Young, Monica Murphy, and Ann Aguirre talked about Book Boyfriends & Girlfriends. Yet again it was a fun discussion.

On to the next event: Blind Date.
Here you get to talk with authors without knowing which ones. The only thing we knew was that they would speak English.

The first author we got to talk to was Margaret Mallory.
She is super sweet, and I'm going to order one of her books for Voodoo Bride.

Next we chatted with Annie Stone.
One of her books will soon be translated in English. We will keep an eye out.

This is Cara Connelly.
She writes romances that take place at weddings. Might be something for Voodoo Bride as well.

Last Blind Date author was Jay Crownover.
She was very fun to talk to and I might get one of her Bad Boy romances for Voodoo Bride.

Cora Carmack came by during our talk with Jay Crownover and I got to hug Roar. Sadly enough it was not for sale and they only had the German version at the convention, so I'll have to wait until next month to get my trotters on a copy of my own.

After the Blind Dates we took part in a quiz.
We got help from Margaret Mallory.

Me and Voodoo Bride clearly do not read enough Contemporary Romance.
All these books and authors sounded unfamiliar to me. Our team lost the quiz...
But we had lots fun.

The quiz was the last event for the day.

We had drinks with Ann Aguirre and her husband after the quiz. I might have bugged Ann's husband to write more Apparatus Infernum books with Ann.

It was a fun and cool first day.

We then went in search of food together with other some of the other book lovers.
Hmm... A comic book?

It was a menu!

I got to try a brand of cola I never heard of before.

My owner ordered an evil pancake!

After dinner we said goodbye to the others and went back to our hotel.

Here's my loot!

Coming next: LLC Day 2

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Long Journey

Last Friday my owner and I went on a trip!

It was going to be a long journey, so we had to take snacks. I picked these pancakes! They were delicious.

We took a train to Amersfoort and there we got on an international train.

I received an early copy of Laura Bickle's upcoming release The Dragon's Playlist, so I read it on the train to pass the time. It's an awesome read!

Finally we arrived at our destination: Berlin!
We were staying at the same hotel we had stayed at on our previous trips to Berlin.

After such a long journey we were tired, but before retring to our room we had a drink.

And dinner. I had bread and french fries.
My owner had something to eat that shall not be named and of which I disapproved.

After dinner we went to our room and after watching part of a movie I went to sleep.

It had been a long day and my owner told me we had to get up really early the next day.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Dinosaurs and the May Fair

Yesterday afternoon we decided to excavate the dinosaurs I got for Sinterklaas and Christmas last year.

There was a red marker with numbers on it to show where they wanted you to start the excavation.

There was a hammer included, so I started hammering and carving away to find the dinosaur bones.

Excavating dinosaur skeletons is hard work, so I took a break. There was a cool display thing for the dinosaur that I could use as a seat.

Slowly I started finding the bones.
Hmmm, these legs are in a weird position...

A good thing we used newspapers to catch the debris.

And here are the dinosaurs we excavated!
Aren't they cool!?

In the evening my owner took me to the May Fair!

We played a ball game and I won a T-Rex!
The T-Rex was very happy he got to come with us.

Some attractions looked cool, but a bit high.
I loved looking at this one, but I didn't take a ride on it.

The Jumper was cool though.
I rode it twice and it was awesome!

We also rode the roller coaster and that was really fun as well.

All in all I had a really great day!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Lucky Elephant

I got a present two days ago.

A tiny elephant!

The elephant told me he's a lucky elephant, and that he will bring me luck as well.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Forget Me Not

Still around, but not doing anything noteworthy, except for smelling the flowers ;-)

Stay tuned because I'll be going on a trip soon!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

King's Day Book Haul

We went to the Koningsdag Vrijmarkt this morning and I found some really cool secondhand books.

Monday, April 3, 2017

A Fun-filled Day with Friends

Yesterday we visited my owner's family and I got to hang out with lots of cool animals, including Candy, who I met on a previous visit.

Eva, my owner's niece made me a drawing of me and Voodoo Bride.
How cool!

She also had a beautifully wrapped present for me: a Magic card with a zombie on it.
I got Magic from her brothers as well.

And this was yet another present:
a drawing rolled up as if it was a butterfly.

Another cool drawing of me, with some friends added this time.
I'm being spoiled.

We got to hang out outside as the weather was beautiful.

I got to listen to music.

And when I got thirsty the refreshments were rolled out.

There even was our own gazebo for some much needed shade.

And sunglasses for both me and Voodoo Bride as well!

Candy and one of her friends joined us in the gazebo (that even had speakers that played some nice music for us).

We had a lot of fun hanging out together.

In the evening we played Heroquest

I got to play the Elf.

We named him Sullivan and Eva drew a picture of me on the character sheet.
I didn't have much luck rolling the dice and my elf died.

Finally we had to go home again.
I had a wonderful day!