Friday, July 31, 2009


This is the first post about signs, more will follow.
This is a couple of signs we pass on our way home from work. Can you tell what they are trying to say?

Something typical dutch: the dutch just love signs that explain all the rules and then even add extra signs that tell about the exception to the rules. Better be a fast reader if you live in the Netherlands or you will have lots of traffic behind you honking while you're trying to understand what's expected of you.

The bottom sign tells that the parkinglot is temporarily open for everyone and when it will be closed again.


The Queen of Clearance said...

Love the pics! Do you walk home from work?

Sullivan McPig said...

No, it could be done as it isn't really far, but we cycle as it's faster.

Cindy said...

cool signs! :)

EVE said...

Yeah, we have signs here with the exceptions or the ONLY parts...what a pain to read! And yours looks like a lot of exceptions/only if's...Hey can u send me a Dutch sign??? Sure it would cost a fortune to send though! ;)

I like signs a lot. I 'took' one once...but it was laying on the ground for days. It said ONE WAY (w/arrow pointing) the end of my old street in ___. But I don't know whatever happened to it. (Yes, bad EVE for 'taking!'

Good I HEART all signs...the more bizarre, the better.