Sunday, July 5, 2009

Party, Shopping and Picnic

It's been a busy couple of days for me. Friday night we went to a party. It was supposed to be a picnic, but it was rainy so we stayed indoors. The food was good I can tell you.

Yum... Brownie!

Yesterday we went into town to do some fun shopping. I saw this cool street art and took a picture of it to show Coco. He's been too busy to go hunting for cool street art himself lately, so I thought he might appreciate it if I showed him this.

I also saw this picture of a pig. I love the picture, but I don't love the fact that it's on a booth that sells pork.....

Yesterday it was lovely, dry weather again so yesterday evening my owner, her OH and me had a picnic. I sat in my owner's bag enjoying the sun and I played around with her glasses a bit. WE had a great time.


EVE said...

Great post & pics. Too bad about the party. Actually I'm throwing Mike an early B-Day party...just w/a couple of his friends. He doesn't know the theme...but I'll tell you-it's gonna be a PIRATE PARTY. Yay! Silly, I know! I'll make sure to take pics to show you.

That is a very unique piece of street art-how nice of you to think of Coco. Tell him I miss his posts & I"m always looking for street art now...and finding some of the same artists all over the place.

I don't like that THAT pig looks so so sooooo happy & he's about to get eaten!

BTW: Those glasses just don't fit your face Sullivan!

Cindy said...


It looks like you had a very fun time! :)

I love the pic of you in the glasses!

Sullivan McPig said...

And I'm on the lookout for those Pirate pictures! ;-)