Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm back!!

The re-install of my owner's computer is finally finished! So here are a couple of pictures of what I did the last couple of days when my owner wasn't tinkering with her computer.

We went into town and got an ice cream. It had chocolate, amarena and blueberry flavour.

We also went out for dinner with friends to the Pancake Ship. It's a ship that's been transformed into a restaurant and where you can get all kinds of pancakes. We got a Surinamese pancake, it was delicious.

They also had a big jar of syrup for on your pancake, but I don't think curry and syrup go well together.


EVE said...

I'd have to say a NO on that curry & syrup too. Ooo, you guys had such great looking (and I'm sure tasting) food!

Wow, The Pancake Ship sounds really cool. (Jealous Eve!)


Take care~

Marie said...

We missed you Sullivan! Glad to see you and your owner back online!

Sullivan McPig said...

It's good to be back!