Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 month anniversary! (For real this time!)

Today it really is my 6 month blogging anniversary!!
So time for a little bit of celebrating and a small contest, but more on the contest later in this post.

This was my very first post on january 9th. I've enjoyed every post in the 6 months that I'm blogging and I've made new friends and had old friends join in in the fun of blogging. Last month I've already said thanks to some of them, so be sure to check june 9th for my too early anniversary post and thanks if you want to know who I thanked.

Today at work there was much temptation foodwise, like these delicious pancakes, but I wasn't allowed to eat one because:

This evening we celebrated my blog anniversary by getting a Happy Meal at a certain fast food restaurant. I got an Ice Age 3 cup with my meal and a dessert with a cool looking frog on it!

My owner also bought me an blog anniversary present: Fallout 3!
Can't wait for my 12 month anniversary ;-)

And now for a little contest.

I'm going to ask you a couple of questions about my previous posts. The person with the most right answers gets to pick a topic on which I have to try to make a post (with pictures ofcourse).
Please note that if you pick something like Egypt for example, I'm not going to travel to Egypt to get the pictures sadly enough , but will try to find another way to make the post.
If there's a tie I will randomly pick a winner. You can post your answers in the comments until next wednesday (july 15th).

On to the questions:

1: What is the name of the pig next to me in this picture?

2: This statue is of a character from a dutch series of books. What is the name of this character and what doesn't he like at all?

3: What is the name of the game I'm playing in this picture?

4: What is the name of the writer who's hugging me in this picture and what book did he sign for me?

Good luck everyone, thanks for following my life and travels and hope to celebrate more anniversaries with you in times to come!


EVE said...

Happy Anniversary to YOU! Yay! Looks like you had a fun time...wooo hooo! :) Happy Meals are the BEST...^_^ (You guys always have much cooler toys in yours!)

Was Fallout really for you Sullivan...hmmm? I thought your owner liked that game more than you, ha ha. Just teasing! (That is a good idea to get yourself something for you blogoversary-can't wait for my ONE YEAR anniversary now!)

Ooooo, tough questions. I must be a terrible follower because I only know the answer to one off the top of my head...and it's sorta-ish. Ugh! >_<

Anyways I hope you and your owner continue to write/blog for many months (years)? (decades)? come. If you're writing, I'll be reading!

Your friend,

Cindy said...

i am going to have to do some serious backtracking and figure this all out! very nice questions! and congrats of course!

so, i'll be back! :D

Sullivan McPig said...

And I did want to give you a challenge.
To help you out a little:
the answer to questions 1 to 3 are in january I think or maybe one of them in feb.
The answer to question 4 is in march somewhere.

Sullivan McPig said...

And fallout 3 was for both of us ;-)