Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Midas Dekkers!

It's national book week this week and Midas Dekkers, one of my favourite writers, had written a special essay for the book week which has animals as theme this year.
Midas Dekkers is a biologist who writes a lot about animals.
He was signing this book and others today at the local bookstore so my owner and I went there to get his essay and an autograph.

Midas Dekkers turned out to be a really nice and cool person.
He posed with me for this really cool picture and he was very interested in me, asking all kinds of questions and he signed his essay for me ofcourse.

Me checking out the essay while Midas Dekkers signs a book for my owner.

Here it is!
It's called 'Piep, a small biology of the letters' (well something close to that anyway).
It's about the lack of animals in literature.

See: he signed it especially for me.

And just between you and me: I might even get on tv as someone from a local tv station filmed me and Midas Dekkers. Going to watch the local channel later today.

After the signing we went to the grocery store. We passed the statue I showed you awhile ago and I just had to show it again as I think it looks beautiful at the moment with all the blooming flowers.

Lastly: I know I didn't blog again yesterday, but I was busy playing games again:


Demented Wench said...

Lucky pig getting all that attention. I hope you were on TV too.

I'm starting to be jealous of all the pretty flowers there. :(

Eve Noir said...

Aw, you are so lucky. And it looks like you guys had lots of fun too! He seems like a nice guy, very cool. (Hoping you'll get on TV, that would be nice!)

Flowers look lovely...today was the nicest day we've had in a while over on this side of the world. ^_^

Marie said...

So nice of Midas to take a picture with you! What a great memory for you....

So jealous of the flowers...we have snow, snow, and yet more snow here and will probably have it for another month - willing to do a trade? Remember though that the snow comes with very cold temperatures too...

Sullivan McPig said...

We watched tv yesterday but the item about Midas Dekkers wasn't on. Maybe today.

And yes: send the snow and cold temperatures this way!! Haven't had any decent snow in years here.

Marie said...

After 5 - 6 months of it you would want it gone too....and we hit -40 quite often through the winter, so its not even like you can go out and play at all! And by the time the third month of it rolls around, you are so sick of shovelling it and being cold that you wish it was spring already! But I will see what I can do about sending it your way ;)