Monday, February 23, 2009

Sheep, a Raven and Waterhouse

I promised Eve a while ago to post a picture of some of the sheep that live here and here they finally are!
The sheep on the chair is Morris, next to him you can see Voodoo Bride, my voodoo doll.
On the ground from left to right: Marlin, Melinda, me and Blackie.

And this is Corwin the Raven.
Corwin usually hangs out with Morris so when I asked Morris to pose, Corwin asked if he could be in a picture too.

Lastly I wanted to show you the advert for an expo of paintings by J.W. Waterhouse.
I really want to go see this expo and my owner promised me we're going to visit it when she's got the time.


Eve Noir said...

Will this work?

Eve Noir said...

Yay, it finally did! Love the raven & sheep, so cute! Ooo, I hope you can go to the exhibit, sounds like fun.