Friday, February 20, 2009

Working..... again

As you can see on this picture it was a nice, dry day, but we couldn't enjoy it as we had to work all day. Tomorrow we'll be working again, so I'm guessing the weather will keep like this for a day and on sunday when we'll be going on a trip it will most probably be raining all day.

Me relaxing a bit on my owner's shoulderbag, after all the hard work.


Eve Noir said...

I know what you mean about trying to enjoy the weather. Of course here (tomorrow they say), is supposed to be a big snowfall, ugh. Just when we thought all the snow would be gone. :(

Boo says "Hello cousin." He really wants to go to the cemetery but I don't want to go until it's a somewhat nice day. He also wanted me to tell you that he picked out a book about art in the Netherlands (from my work). We're gonna take a look through it next week. He wanted to know what kind of art came from his cousin's country. :)

Hope the weather isn't too bad for your trip! Take care~Eve & Boo McPig

Sullivan McPig said...

Say hi to Boo from me.
And I don't know if the artbook has new or older artworks in it, but one of my favourite dutch painters is Vermeer. Jeroen/Jheronimus Bosch is also a really cool dutch painter, I think you might like his art too.