Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lots of pictures today

It might be saturday, but my owner and I had to work today.

This is a tunnel we pass almost every day on our way to and from work.

There was a bit of fog this morning and when the sun rose it looked beautiful.
We tried to take a picture of it, but I can tell you the real thing looked much more impressive.
(And in case you're wondering: I'm on this picture, somewhere in the dark)

No catering on saturday, so this is our sorry excuse for a lunch.

In the afternoon I found this strange thingie.
It looked like some sort of nasty metal claw or beak.

I tried to see if it was meant for puncturing paper, but it was too crude for that.
My owner says she thinks it's meant for removing staples from paper, but as we couldn't find any paper with staples in it, I couldn't try that out. Maybe someone else had removed all staples already and had forgotten the claw thingie.

Now for something else I want to show you:

The bench you see on this picture is standing in the middle of a so called 'businesspark'.
Around it are lots of buildings (including the building where my owner and me work) and carparks. I always wonder who thought it might be a good idea to put a picknick bench here. No one ever uses it.

Checking out the bench and the wood chippings that are placed around it.
The wood chippings look brandnew and very red.


A Closet Writer said...

Hello Sullivan McPig,
I love your blog. You seem to be more adventurous and alot smarter than most pigs I know.

Demented Wench said...

Ah Sullivan I'm sorry you and your owner had to work on a Saturday. :(

Eve Noir said...

Great post & pics. I always like the longer posts! Yeah, that is quite odd to put that bench there w/nice bright red chips kinda in the middle of nowhere...curious.
The claw! Be careful around stuff like that Sullivan. ^_^
Take care~

Sullivan McPig said...

thanks everyone

@A Closet Writer: Thanks, I am indeed the most adventurous pig in my family, but don't be mistaken: most pigs are quite intelligent, they are at least just as smart as dogs, but they don't let it show too often.