Monday, February 2, 2009

Going out for dinner!

We had a busy evening yesterday!

First we went to the dvd-rental shop to rent a dvd.

This is a picture of the display in the shopwindow of the petstore across from the dvd-rental shop.

Next we went to Ni Hao Wok Restaurant!

You can select your own food and give it to the cooks to prepare it for you.

I tried some sushi and it is delicious.

There were statues of lions outside of the restaurant.

After dinner we went home to watch our dvd's.
And then things went wrong!
We rented The Bank Job and Midnight Meat Train.
First we watched The Bank Job, which was a good movie, but I really wanted to see Midnight Meat Train as it is a scary movie.
The Dvd didn't work!!!
So now I have to wait to see it until we have time to rent movies again......


Eve Noir said...

Looks like you guys had fun! You liked the sushi hm? Can you believe I've never tried Sushi!?! One day...

I like the pic of Sullivan by the Lion, nice.

Funny, I'll be going to a similar restaurant Wednesday-where you pick your food & they make it for you.

BTW: Boo is gettin' a lil' upset cuz our Ryden book is being delayed...(sigh)
Enjoy the rest of your day/night!~

Sullivan McPig said...

You should try it, it's really good.
And I hope your book arrives soon.
My owner often has to wait long for books to arrive too and it's frustrating.
Have fun at the restaurant tomorrow

Jennylee said...

Ok eve we need to go out for sushi .. also McPig midnight meat train....not all that good.

Eve Noir said...

Cool, Jenny is here now. You'll like her Sullivan. :) See, I brought a follower & I didn't even post your write up yet. Woo hoo for Carien & Sullivan! The more the merrier, right!??
BTW: i never saw MMT so i don't have a clue.

Sullivan McPig said...

Hi Jennylee! Thanks for warning me, but I think I'm going to retry to watch it soon anyway.