Thursday, February 12, 2009

Owl Ashtray, Cross Stitch and Drawing

The first thing I want to show today is especially for Eve as I read on her blog she likes owls.
This is the coolest owl related item we have: an owl ashtray!
It is from a dutch cigarbrand that no longer excists, 'Uiltje', which was also known outside the Netherlands as 'White Owl'.

On to other things:

My owner was cross stitching this morning and I tried my hand at it too, but I think it's very fiddly work, so I didn't do more then a few stitches.

At work I was bored and as I couldn't help out my owner I've been drawing a bit.


Jennylee said...

I love the ashtray

Eve Noir said...

Weird, I just did a post because I was freaking out that I couldn't leave comments & now it's working. Thank God. I hate technology sometimes.

Anyways enough about me! Aww thanks for showing the owl ash tray, it's very cool.

And you can draw very well Sullivan. ;}

Sullivan McPig said...

The cigar brand 'Uiltje' actually used to be owned by an ancestor of my owner, so that's why we have the ashtray. We also have lots of cigarboxes too.