Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pie, Shopping and Flowers

Well, here's a picture of the pie after we cut it after all.
We're planning on trying out more pies, like cherrypie or something like that.
Today we went to a booksale where we saw this cover for a notebook.
It was still very expensive, certainly for a sale, so we didn't buy it, but it was tempting.

My owner did get me a card with a pig on it at another bookstore.

And on our way to the grocerystore we just had to stop in the park as we saw that the Snowdrops are almost in bloom (they are my owner's favourite flowers).


Eve Noir said...

The pie looks yummy. Ooo, cherry pie would be nice to eat next. Aww, that notebook was very cute but I know how it goes when stuff is out of your price range...but so tempting! I've never heard of snowdrops, but they look like they'd be pretty. Glad you two had a lovely day. Take care.~

Sullivan McPig said...

There's only a small piece left of the pie by now. And we did get some cool books, so we didn't leave emptyhanded.

More on Snowdrops here:

Laura Jayne said...

Oh... I love these flowers too, and the pie looks way yummy.