Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Games Night and Food

I totally forgot to tell you in my last post that we had another games night yesterday.
First we played Cockroach Soup again and after that we played Bohnanza, a german game where you have to grow beans. My favourite bean in this game is the 'Saubohne' (which you can see on the right of this picture).

After Bohnanza we played 'Bokken Schieten' (shooting goats).

And we ended with Perudo, a dicegame.

Today my owner and I met up with a friend and had something to eat at a fastfood restaurant.
(I think you can guess from the picture which one it was.)

And we got a weird Pucca egg with our food.


Eve Noir said...

looks like you had lots of fun once again! And darn it-you got a Pucca egg. no fair! why can't we have cool stuff like that over here?!?

Sullivan McPig said...

Carien even has a Pucca dvd, but I think that dvd is too girly.