Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poker, Slush and Warhammer

We played Texas Hold'em Poker yesterday.
I didn't win, but it was lots of fun.

On the news yesterday, they said it would snow all night and into today and there would be 10 centimeters of snow where we live.
Well..... As you can see there was some snow, but it started raining early in the morning so when we were on our way to work this morning, most snow had already turned into:

Slush...... Yuk!

Tonight my owner's OH is going to play 'Warhammer 40k' with some friends.
He already set up the table so I've been playing in the buildings he made for the game.
I felt like a giant.
It feels good to be too big for things for once.


Eve Noir said...

I did a weather-y post today too because it's so unusually warm out for February. You guys play a lot of games, which is cool! We don't play as many games as we used to, we need to do that again...if the boys don't cheat on me! Which I'm convinced they do. ^_^

Speaking of games, I got a game for Boo & his housemates, Snakes & Ladders. I think they'll like that. If I would've know it was gonna be so nice today, I would've definitely went to the cemetery (w/Boo too). Maybe tomorrow...:)

Aww, that's good that you feel like a giant Sullivan. I know the feeling because I'm small too. ^_^

Luna DePassion said...

Sullivan! I hope your owner didn't let u get too close to that yucky slush! I hate snow :/

My husband plays warhammer with a military buddy!! But I doubt very much he'll take my hello kitty with him and take a picture :/ I'll ask though, ha!

Unique blog! Luv it!

Cat said...

I liked the snow pictures Sullivan, what game was that your owner played? Looks like fun!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Luna: I hope he will say yes!
And thanks for your praise.

@Cat: Warhammer 40k is a strategy game where two armies (lots of hand painted, metal figurines) battle each other in a far away future. My owner's OH made lots of small buildings so he can have city fights.

Eve Noir said...

Oh, I was mistaken. We don't play those kinda games BUT we used to play other board games/video games...just not lately.

Hope he had fun!