Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crafts Fair in Zwolle

Today my owner, I and a friend of my owner went to a crafts fair in Zwolle, a city about 100 kilometers south of Groningen. We went by train.

The trainstation in Beilen.

The crafts fair was not really my thing, but my owner and her friend really enjoyed it: there were lots of quilt, knit and cross stitch items for sale.

There were also these two birds. They looked a bit strange, but they were nice enough to pose for a picture with me.

In the hall of the building where the fair was, there was an art-cow.

She had a nice green colour I must say.

After the fair we went into town to get something to eat and drink.
The tower you see in the background of this picture is the 'Peperbus', which means pepperpot. It's called Peperbus because the shape of the tower looks a bit like an oldfashioned (dutch) pepperpot.

Me and my owner enjoying a nice cool drink.
And in case you're wondering about the weird, yellow antenna thingies in the hair of the woman behind us: it was Carnaval today. It isn't something that's celebrated by many people in Groningen, so we didn't really pay attention to it being carnaval, but in Zwolle the city was full of people who had dressed up and were dancing and singing really awful dutch carnaval songs.

There was also a pole placed on the mainstreet with all kinds of heraldry banners from all the different neighbourhoods of Zwolle that all have their own clubs that organise festivities for Carnaval.

Now for some more pictures of Zwolle:

After we had something to eat and drink and after the little sight-seeing tour we went back to the trainstation.

And luckily we didn't have to wait long before we could take a train back to Groningen.


Eve Noir said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun, yay! Even if that's not your type of thing, Sullivan.

Actually, this Tuesday is Mardi Gras here in the US (or Fat Tuesday). Carnival stuff goes on that day also (if you not familiar w/it you can Wikipedia it). Wasn't sure if they're celebrating the same type of thing.

That day I plan to go with my mother to get some VERY fattening pastries that lots of people eat that day. They are 'lots of calories' but once a year isn't bad to indulge a lil'. ^_^

Take care & glad you guys had fun since you had to work yesterday!~

Eve Noir said...

Whoops forgot to say I like the pic with Sullivan & the 2 birds. Those birds look really cool!

Sullivan McPig said...

We did indeed have fun. hope you have fun on Mardi Gras. And I can tell you from what I've seen of Mardi Gras the costumes at Mardi Gras are much more beautiful then the dutch Carnaval costumes. And the music and songs just have to be better too, because it can't get much worse then the dutch songs.