Saturday, April 11, 2009

News from Canada full of Easter fun.

As I told you awhile ago, we had a visit from cousin Moira, who was on her way to Canada to go live there with Marie, a very good friend of my owner.
She promised to stay in touch and she stayed true to her word: today I received Moira's first email with pictures and stories of her life in Canada. I posted both pictures and Moira's stories below:

Hi Sullivan and everyone else. I arrived safely in Canada after a week of traveling.
I already made friends with everyone here and I want to start with introducing you to some of them.
In this picture you can see from left to right: Purple Kitty, then Pinky Pig, Chickie the chick, me and 2 cows - Molly and Sunshine, Diva the chihuahua, Elliot the Elephant, Brown Bear and Grover. As you can see we're following your blog overhere.

Me and Diva the chihuahua became friends immediately. We discovered we have a shared passion for fashion.

We're also getting into the spirit of Easter. Here I am getting ready to paint a large paper mache egg together with Princess, the daughter of Marie. Princess made the egg herself!

Look, I got my own brush to paint the egg.

Here I am on Princess' shoulder overlooking the progress of the painting.
She's doing a great job I think.

Marie also boiled some real eggs to paint.

I got my own egg to paint just for myself.

And here is the finished result, Marie helped me out a bit as it was my first time painting an egg.
I think it's the prettiest egg I've ever seen.


Eve Noir said...

Very cute. Moira looks to be enjoying herself there. Aww, that egg you painted is very cute Sullivan, good job!

Marie said...

We are loving having Moira join us - she is such a delight to have around! Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so Moira has agreed to help the Easter Bunny out and help her hide eggs and whatnot! More pictures of the adventure to follow!