Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunny Groningen

As Urok Burok already said in a comment to an earlier post: Today it was really nice and sunny weather again, so me and my owner went into town after work together with a good friend of my owner.

First picture I want to show you is of the Martini Tower again, from yet another angle.

This strange fake bunker is standing at the Ossenmarkt (Ox market) at the moment. It's a multimedia expo that's about WWII.

Home and soaking up the last few rays of the sun before it sets.


Eve Noir said...

Very cool pics. Especially like the last one! Have a nice weekend. It's supposed to be nice here (it's very warm out today for a change).
XoX, Eve

Urok Burok said...

A perfect picture of 'The old grey' (English for 'Olle Grieze') as the Groninger people
name their Martini Tower. Beautiful: from the
dark shadows of that street to the sunshine
on the 'Grote Markt'. The bunker is somehow
a strange confrontation on that spot with
World War 2... But still interesting of cour. After the war there were blockhouses
(bunkers in Dutch)on the beach. My creator
Alex was in one of them with hisyouth-freinds, but there was a bad smell in it.
So they leaved the 'bunker' quickly....

Sullivan McPig said...

A great weekend to all!
And that real bunker doesn't sound like something I would want to visit.