Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birthday Fun

I went to a birthdayparty yesterday with my owner. As it was really late when we got back I didn't have time to blog about it until now. Can you guess what we bought as a present?

Yup, a bottle of Wild Pig!

We also bought lots of chocolates.

Here I am with the Birthday Girl!

It was a really cool party: a View-master Party.
There were all these View-master thingies which you could use to watch pictures. Very Cool!

There also was a very nice owl at the party and we talked a bit and listened to records, like this one with singing nuns. I really enjoyed myself.

Well, off to celebrate Queen's Day now, talk to you soon.

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Eve Noir said...

Looks like so much fun. I never heard of a Viewfinder party-cool! Well, I'm off to work but I will read your other post tomorrow. Take care~Eve