Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Branch and A new Housemate

We decided to get really into the Easter spirit and got an Easter Branch that we decorated.
Here is an overview of the Easter Branch and the stuff around it.
(btw Eve, you are right thinking the boney stuff is from my owner's OH, but my owner really likes it too)

My army of chickens is taking part in the Easter fun to as you can see in these close-ups.

We also got a branch of those sweet smelling flowers.

And now for some other news:

Today there was an Easter package for my owner from a very good friend. Inside was a new housemate: a hippo named Blossom. We're all happy to welcome her to our home. There was also a really cool Easter card in the package as you can see and some stitchy stuff too.


Eve Noir said...

Ooo, the Easter branch is lovely. Was that your own idea or something done commonly over there? Ooo, a new housemate, she's cool looking & looks very soft to touch. HI BLOSSOM from Eve & Boo!

Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend~

Sullivan McPig said...

The easter branch is done fairly commonly over here. It's not something everyone does, but it's not weird to have a branch either if you know what I mean. Most people have a standing branch, but we liked to make ours in a hanging one.
Have a great weekend too!