Wednesday, April 15, 2009

News from Canada full of even more Easter fun

I got another email from Moira to tell me about her Easter. Below her story and pictures of Easter in Canada.

Hi Sullivan and everyone! I had a really fun Easter.
The Easter Bunny hid all kinds of goodies all around the house for Princess to find and I helped her look for it.
This is a chick filled with chocolate, isn't it cute? We found lots of them.

The Easter Bunny also hid chocolate filled eggs like this one.

And look: We also found the Easter Bunny's footprints!

Here I am with all the eggs and chicks that me and Princess found.

The Easter Bunny also left all this candy for everyone to enjoy.
I ate some of the pink ones.

Talking about pink: the Easter Bunny left even more besides all the chocolate and candy. He also gave this really pretty bike to Princess. It even has a basket in front for me to sit in.

We also ate cupcakes which were all in pretty spring colours.

I got a pink one all to myself!
Well, goodbye for now. I'll keep in touch!


Urok Burok said...

To my big surprise Canada has a Easter bunny
to bring lots of eggs and other presents...
There are not so many Easter bunnys in
Holland. We do much with eggs, but for instance in the region Drenthe there is, as far as I know, no question of getting presents. In Drenthe there were many Easter
fires and I could smell the smoke in the bedroom..

Eve Noir said...

Nice post from Moira. I especially like the pics of her with the candy & cupcake. Glad she's having fun in Canada. That's pretty close to me...depending if it's right above Michigan or not I suppose.

Marie said...

Hello everyone (this is Moira btw!) - I just wanted to say that I am quite enjoying my time here in Canada, and I really enjoyed my first Easter as well! I am looking forward to spring, and I have noticed a few plants are already starting to stick up their heads around here, and I can't wait to see them. Marie tells me that she has so many things for me to see this summer and I can hardly wait! Well, I should go for now, there is candy to be eaten and Princess and I are going for a bike ride today! Miss you and the family Sullivan! Love ya!

Sullivan McPig said...

we love getting news from Moira and indeed Easter in Canada is different then here. Glad you enjoyed yourself.