Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lots of pictures today

It was another lovely spring day so after a relaxing morning we went out for a walk this afternoon. As you can see I enjoyed myself with some sunning among the flowers.

Me and Coco taking a short rest.

The sheep were also enjoying the lovely weather.

More clouds and a little bridge across the 'Reitdiep'.

Sun, flowers and a happy McPig.

Checking out a rusty part of a fence. I hope it will hold or the farmer who's fence this is will lose his sheep.

Another break, this time in Garnwerd, the far end of our trip.

On our way back we past this old church in Oostum. It's really beautiful and has a small graveyard so we went there to check it out.

At the back of the church there were some wooden chairs.
I tried one out, but it was a bit big for me.

I love the old and weathered look of these tombstones.

Allthough some are so weathered that you can hardly read them anymore.

I've been told that at one time in history they started charging taxes for every window a house had. Churches had lots of windows ofcourse so a lot of the churches sealed up windows to save on taxes. It seems they also did that at this church.


Demented Wench said...

Very beautiful pictures and I still wish I could lay in the flowers like you do.

Eve Noir said...

Lots of lovely pictures for a lovely day out. Ooo, I especially love the cemetery pictures. The church looks really nice too. Glad you guys had fun & enjoy the upcoming week!

Urok Burok said...

What a nice sundaytrip. The photograph taken
against the light of the church is wonderful.
The story of the windowtax is interesting.
I think Sullivan that you enjoyed the wideextended scenery of Groningen, near the
river Reitdiep and the village Garnwerd...