Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Pigs and more Flowers

Urok Burok already mentioned two days ago that spring is in the air and today I have to agree with him:
The first Spring Pigs have been sited! Aren't these little wild boars adorable?!

On to more flowers. You might have guessed by now that I love flowers and I can't help to ask for a picture if I sight some new ones. Today this led to me and my owner stopping at the side of the road, laying down our bike and taking this picture. As my owner was crouching to get a better shot we heard someone ask in a concerned tone: 'Are you alright? What happened?'
It turned out to be a collegue who thought that we had fallen with our bike. We had to explain to him that everything was fine and that we were just taking a picture.

A blossoming tree.
You should have smelled this tree, it smelled very sweet.


Eve Noir said...

Lovely pictures! And awww, the piggies are TOO cute. I want one...or two...or three of 'em. ^_^
Have a nice weekend Sullivan!

Urok Burok said...

Well Sullivan. Perhaps your owner could go
one day to the National Park on the 'Veluwe'.
You could see there more wild boars and also
deer. Its very nice tot cycle there...
Today I noticed that April can be capricious.
It was rather chilly in Drenthe when we went for a walk.
The blossom on that nice picture reminds me of the Dutch region the Betuwe where you can see the appletrees in full bloom. Funny that story of crouching to make a picture. But it was also very attentive of the colleague to ask if tghere was something wrong with your owner and the bicycle.... I hope you all have
a nice weekend.