Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wall art, stuff and Piglet

I wanted to show you the weird wall art that is on the wall of the room where we work when we're doing Back Office work. It's made out of expired sim cards and as you can see it's Pacman and some space invader thingies. I do not know who made it, it's there as long as we've worked here.

Me helping out my owner by typing some notes for her.

In our break we played around with the camera and took this pic.

In the evening I made a disturbing discovery!
I found this little Piglet in a mailtray, carelessly abandoned by his owner, next to a little buddha guy who was also abandoned. I'm lucky my owner takes better care of me.


Urok Burok said...

Hi Sullivan!
What a shame that people do'nt care of the
nice little friends they bought and put them
careless somewhere in a mailtray. It gives me
all the time a terrible shock when people do
such things. It's more than a dwarf can bear.. By the way the pictures are nice...
Greetings to you all from Urok Burok.

Eve Noir said...

The wall art is really cool. I need to think of an original idea like that! Aww, yes your owner takes much better care of you then Piglet & Buddha. :}

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks both of you!
We felt like abducting Piglet and the Buddha guy, but maybe their owner will come back to get them afterall.