Thursday, April 23, 2009

In "Other" words game and Cake!

Eve started a new game on her blog and I decided to join.
As far as I understand it, you post pictures of things that mean something special to you or that you find beautiful, weird, interesting, etc...
So from now on I will post an occasional 'In "other" words picture on this blog next to my normal pictures and stories.

Here is my first one:

Have you ever really looked at how beautiful a pig is?
Or felt how incredibly soft it's snout is? (And I'm not just talking about my snout.)
(This picture is a picture of a picture btw: There are not many pigs living in the city, so I didn't have a pig closeby that is not related to me and you have all seen my family before.)

On to other things: One of the owners of the cateringservice had her birthday this week so we got chocolate cake to celebrate it!


Eve Noir said...

Hey, thanks so much for playing along! Love your pic & the story behind it. Yes, you are following the "rules" correctly-anything pretty much goes...beautiful, weird, odd, etc...

So that's why your owner loves Piggies so much, Sullivan?! Interesting. I never thought about their snouts being soft. Cool.

Ooo, I don't normally like chocolate cake but that looks very yummy!
Take care & can't wait to see your pic next week. XoX~Eve

Urok Burok said...

What a perfect picture of a pig's snout. Is it not a little gruesome to touch the snout??
You did it of course otherwise yo cannot know
that their snouts are soft..
Very nice of the catering to serve every one
with chocolate cake... A sharp picture of a
tempty delicacy...

Sullivan McPig said...

pig's snouts are really soft and nice to touch.