Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Easter fun and a Mug

Another day surrounded by chickens.

And ofcourse they are playing proper Easter Music at work too:
the 'Matthäus-Passion' by Bach.

To get into the spirit of Easter my owner bought some Easter stuff: she got me my own small army of baby chickens!

She also bought these decorated eggs. I like my army better I must say.

And those of you who follow Coco's blog will have seen his crocodile mug. What he didn't tell you is that he and his owner got me a mug too: an Octopus mug!
Isn't it cool!?


Marie said...

Moira was checking out your blog today with me, and she told me to tell you that she LOVES the Octopus mug! And that she is envious that you have your own minions...although she did get this gleam in her eye when she said that, so I am wondering if I should be worried for the critters around here? ;o)
She has been enjoying the last of the snow around here, and will have a few pics for you soon! She also asked me to send her love to you and the family Sullivan!

Eve Noir said...

Ooo, I like the baby chicks your owner got you. That's funny because I told Coco the other day that I wanted an Octopus mug (from Target)...some reason it's in with the EASTER stuff. So maybe I'll get it when it gets marked down! Yours is cute.

You're lucky to be able to listen to music at work. :) I wish I could. I just hear people talking in the lobby & coffeeshop when I work. :( And you'd be surprised how loud they can get in a library!

Eve Noir said...

I thought of YOU Sullivan when I saw this...but I checked the blogs you follow, and see you're already following. Here it is anyways!

Urok Burok said...

The blue Octopus mug is marvelous! What a nice collection of easter present. The chickens are cute and the eggs beautiful.
So Sullivan, I think you and your owner have
will have nice Easter days and perhaps there
will be sunshine too...

Sullivan McPig said...

@Marie: Oooh, well I hope she will at least not start to bully you and your family ;-)

@Eve: I hope you get the mug and thanks for pointing out the blog

@Urok: We plan on having a really nice Easter.

@Everyone of you: Have a great Easter