Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo (part 2)

After seeing my relative we went on to these weird birds: Marabou Storks. They looked like a bunch of grumpy old men I think.

Another one of the Art Elephants! This one was painted to look like a rhino!

I also saw pelicans.

I got to explore a jungle!

We took a break from watching the animals and bought ice cream. I got to taste two kinds of ice cream!

After the ice cream break I explored this field of flowers. I think they're Black-Eyed-Susans.

We also saw some expo's and one was about dinosaurs!

And look: some kind of Iguana!
Wow, they have a lot of different animals at the Zoo.

I loved the aquariums, there were lots of cool fish swimming in them.

Very beautiful.

And that's not even all! Tune in again tomorrow for the third and final part of my trip to the Zoo, with even more fish and relatives!


Hammie en Gea said...

There is even a part 3??? Wow! you really spoil us with all those pictures! Thanks Sullivan, they are great! Looking forward to part 3!

audreyscountrycrafts said...

I haven't been to the zoo in years! LOVE the painted elephants - they are amazing!!

Demented Wench said...

More wonderful pictures and I see you got to lounge in some flowers too. It looks like you had a fun outing. :)

Marlowe said...

I like that dinosaur skull!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone!