Friday, August 13, 2010

More Book Spam

You guessed it: I won another book!
Once bitten, Twice Dead by Bianca D'Arc. I won it over at Vivian Arend's Wolf Week. Thanks Vivian!

Actually I keep winning books, but if I showed all of them here I'd really be spamming. But I've got high hopes for this one, so had to share it here. This one is about zombies! (And as far as I understand no one is falling in love with them luckily enough.) I will ofcourse review this book on my other blog once I've read it.


Will said...

What a weird coincidence! You got a zombie book on "Bring Your Zombie to Work" day! Dun dun dun! I dunno, I think that's cool. Hope it's a good read! Looking forward to your review!

Demented Wench said...

I'm glad you won a book that has zombies in it. I hope it's a good book too. :)

Found art blog said...

Zombies?? How exciting!!