Friday, August 20, 2010

More Church and Graveyard Spam

After visiting the church of Zuidbroek we visited the church of Noordbroek, which is very close to Zuidbroek and the churches as you can see look a lot like each other.

I thought these angels were very beautifully carved.

Lots of the graves were surrounded by fences.

I had to climb on the fences sometimes to get a good look at the gravestones.

I found a gravestone with a goose on it!!

Me and my owner.

After Noordbroek we went on to the Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren. It's an old mansion with a very large garden, but we went there for:


Hmmmm, nachos.

After our meal I went 'Wee! Wee! Wee!' all the way home!!

But that was not the end of our day out! For dinner we went to our favourite restaurant.

And I got to use chopsticks.
It was a really cool day!


Marlowe said...

That looks like a grand day!

titania86 said...

The pictures of the church and cemetary are beautiful! Plus that food is making me hungry...

Enbrethiliel said...


I like your owner's bag. What kind of bag is it? I know some people who would call it a "messenger bag," but that's not the name I'd use.

Sullivan McPig said...

@Enbrethiliel: Oh, we don't have a special name for bags like this here I think. We just call it a shoulderbag as you hang it from your shoulder. This one is an Emily the Strange shoulderbag and my owner put lots of buttons on it too.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Gorgeous!! What a fabulous trip. I'm a bit envious.

Demented Wench said...

I'm glad you finally got to go "Wee! Wee! Wee!" all the way home! :)

Hammie en Gea said...

We had to laugh very loud when we saw the Wee Wee Wee video, and we would have loved to see you do the Wee Wee Wee thing in the car Sullivan!!! Very happy to see that you had another nice day.

Buttons the Bear said...

Love the pictures of the church with the sunbeams, awesome! Beautiful churches,ever been inside?

Ever traveled in those pockets on your owners pants?

Love the wee wee wee commercial, I think of you every time it comes on our TV.

Sullivan McPig said...

@Buttons: Yes, to being inside one of those churches, but it's very dark inside and my owner's cellphone doesn't have much of a flashlight on the camera.
And No to travelling in the pockets of my owner's pants. I think that would make me very nauseous.