Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snail or Slug and a Giant Voodoo Doll!

There was a snail on our balcony today allthough it wasn't even raining.

Here's a close up of the snail.
It's a snail right? Or is it a slug? It's another one of those things that I always get confused. Here we call all snail-like critters 'slak'. We just put something in front of the word slak to make sure everyone knows what kind of 'slak' we're talking about: Huisjesslak (the kind like in the picture, means house snail/slug as it has it's house on it's back), naaktslak (naked slug/snail, the kind without a shell), waterslak (water snail/slug, the kind that you find in the water). Anyway: this is my favourite kind of 'slak'. I think they're very beautiful.

On to the really cool news of today:

When we were in town to get our shopping done we saw this giant voodoo doll!
It was in the shopwindow of the bookstore, because it's the month of the suspense books this month. All month they have a showcase on thrillers and other suspense books and you can get a discount on lots of them too. In the background you can see the book my owner's OH got for free yesterday too: you get it for free everytime you buy a book this month it turns out.


Cindy said...

i really heart snails...they are so cute! :)

Eve Noir said...

Sullivan you MUST be reading my mind. I LOVE snails lots too and when Mike & did some 'serious' gardening in the backyard we found TONS. I took a ton of pics of 'em coming out of their shells (yes, it is a SNAIL, not slug, you're right!)...and I let one crawl on my shirt & it got all gross & gooey! Yuck!

Great minds think alike.

And your snails look just like mine, awwww!

Eve Noir said...

Oh & I love how you have a blogroll up now. How very nice & cool of you & your owner! :)

Eve Noir said...

One More Thing-that golden egg is following me now too...i can't quite figure 'it' out...hmm....;}

And yay for Voodoo stuff. My friend just got back from New Orleans...and I got my...3rd voodoo doll. They all have different fabric on 'em, other then that they are identical. Kinda wish someone would bring me back a nice skull (not real of course!) or something. OK, last comment!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

We finally got around to play around a bit with the lay-out so that's why we got the blogroll up. couldn't figure out before how to place the items on the right in the right order.