Sunday, June 28, 2009

More news from Canada

Today part two of Moira's update about her life in Canada!

Hi Sullivan and all. I had my first couple of parties here!

Here I am beside Princess's first birthday cake - she gets two birthday parties the lucky little girl! One for family back home, and one for friends where we live. Princess picked out this pretty purple icing, and I must say, I approve! But this very unassuming cake hides a secret inside... You'll see what that is further on in this post.

We made cupcakes for the birthday as well as there was LOTS of family to feed! Princess picked out the green icing as well.

Leftover pieces of cake! Look how pretty they are! A rainbow hides inside just waiting to come out. Sorry there are no pictures of me eating cake....I ummm made a bit of a "pig" of myself and didn't want to show the pictures! How embarrassing!

On our way home from the family birthday party we came across these beautiful horses and their foals.

Princess's second birthday party - a 3-tier of cupcakes!! Yummy!

Here is Princess blowing out the candles.

Some of the decorations at Princess's Tinkerbell birthday party - Toadstools!
And now you know the reason for my pretty ribbons: I dressed up for Princess's birthday.

Me and Tinkerbell are close ;)

Yikes! The ribbon and I had a bit of a disagreement, but I am happy to report I did get away!

That's it for now.
I'm having a lot of fun here and I will keep you posted about my adventures.


Cindy said...

this is an adorable party! :D I really love that cake too! do you have any idea hwere they got it from or if it was handmade? i would love to make my son a cake like that for his fourth bday!

man, i am so hungry now...looking at all this delicious cake...mmm

Marie said...

Hey Cindy! Moira here. Marie made the cake for her daughter's birthday and I was able to get the links for how she made it for you! The cake was made using this site: only she just used a normal cake recipe and not the fat-free version the site makes.
And the cupcakes, which you can't see, are also rainbow inside! They were far cooler than the cake I think, and this site has the how-to:

Good luck! We would love to see pictures on how your turn out!

Cindy said...

Thank you so much Moira for letting me know! :D And I will definitely share pics when I make it!