Saturday, June 6, 2009


My owner and I have been busy making a scrapbook the last two days!
We got so many cool cards and stickers from Eve we decided we should do something with them, so we made a scrapbook that we're also using for other cards and things we collected and didn't have a good place for until now. We're not finished yet, but it's getting there. When we finished putting all the cards and stuff in we're going to draw and write in it too.

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Eve Noir said...

So sweet of an idea! That's so cool to see my stuff there...awww. I'm glad you are making a scrapbook. You'll have to post some pics when you have written/drawn in there a bit. I'd be very curious to see it.

Yup, there's PINKGHOST...whom I used to order ALL my Dunnys from until LIFT opened. I still HEART PinkGhost (they still have nice things)...and I knew you said you liked the lil' pic of the Pink Ghost. He's so cute!