Monday, June 29, 2009

Aardrijkskunde, Sheep and more..

Yesterday I went for a walk with my owner and her OH.

At the point where we started our walk we saw this sign. It says 'Geography', but why it was there we do not know. It pointed in the direction that we were heading, but we never saw anything related to this sign at all. Weird....

It was a hot day and the sheep in the meadows were all being lazy. it must have been hot for them with all that wool.

A picture of me and my owner

There was one meadow with sheep that were really scary looking. They look a bit like bulldogs and I think this may be genetically altered sheep like in the movie 'Black Sheep'. I do hope they never escape to eat us all!

This is as close as I'm getting to the bulldog sheep.

I got a nice cool glass of ice tea at our halfway point so I could face the long walk back.

A picture of the mill in Garnwerd.

We paid a visit to a small shop in Garnwerd that sold all kinds of ornaments for in your garden or home.

I had a talk with this pig who lived at the shop. I love his hammock, maybe I can convince my owner to get me one too.

And lastly a picture to tease Demented Wench ;-)
Really, just find a field full of flowers and try it yourself, it's so relaxing.


Cindy said...

I love the pic of you in the daisies! AW! :)

And you and your owner are adorable!!! :D

and for the record, black sheep was one messed up movie...I wouldn't go near those sheep either...

Eve Noir said...

Dear Sullivan-

1st I must apologize if I miss any of your posts or read 'em late. I can swear that I do read 'em-even if at work (just can't comment there, ugh!). >_<

I've been a bit busy with art, reorganizing my new art space, and dancing with BOO to Bauhaus (well that last one isn't true!).

On to the pics-
Very beautiful and great as always. And always like to see a pic of you and your owner! Geography is a mighty long & (sounds like I can't say it) word I must admit!

I hope you are doing good. How is Alcide? Alex is good...I'll post pics when I get a chance. He's been busy too...

I've decided (well HE did actually) that he's my art critic/editor...watching over me when I make art. He's really honest to me about my art & when I should STOP & when I should GO some more. He's very serious about his 'job' but he always has a smile on his cute lil' face.

ADIOS my amiga & adios to Sullivan too~

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks :-)