Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A nice, relaxing day

Today I had a realxing day, sofar at least. I just love being able to check my favourite websites while having a cup of tea out of my favourite tea mug.

And here's something I wante to show Eve: I found the perfect spot for the pig-light, it's on the wall next to the computer so I can get to it quickly in a case of black out.


Eve Noir said...

Very cool Sullivan-good place just in case the lights go out! Let his snout lead the way...ha ha.

And heyyyy, no eating or drinking by the computer! J/K...well, that's what Mike always tells me...but do you think I listen? :} Ssssh, let it be our lil' secret!

Take care & enjoy the relaxing...me I gotta work, but I hope it'll be slow & somewhat relaxing.

Sullivan McPig said...

I couldn't stand it if I wasn't allowed to eat or drink when at the computer!
And lets be honest: How often do you actually spill something on your keyboard?
Sofar the score is twice in the time period of 9 years.