Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flowery Greetings from Canada!

Today another post by Moira

Hi Sullivan and everybody else! Here's another update on how my life is here in Canada.
Here you can see me climbing a tree to check out the blossoms. I love spring!
Below you can see more pictures of Marie's garden. The first 3 pictures are taken a bit before the others.

After the snow melted this odd fellow showed up in the flowers....I found out his name is Ogo Pogo, and we became fast friends!

These tulips may just be my favorite flowers in the pretty and delicate - like me! ;)

I picked a flower for you Sullivan!

The flowers have been growing very well under my careful guidance and attention. I have found that I love to garden!

More flowery goodness.

Hmmmm another strange creature showed up...but he is friendly too and provides me with shade whenever I stop for a rest and a visit.

That's it for now, but I'll be back soon with another update in which will also be explained why I'm wearing such pretty ribbons in some of these pictures!


Cindy said...


Enjoy Canada! :) Even though we are fairly close to it, I have never actually been there! oops! lol :)

Eve Noir said...

What lovely pics. Yes, I am CURIOUS about the ribbons too!


Sullivan McPig said...

@Cindy: *sigh* That's not me in Canada, but my cousin Moira. I do hope to be able to visit her some day.

@Moira: lovely flower, thanks!

Marie said...

And we would love to have you Sullivan!