Wednesday, June 10, 2009

D'oh!!! Forgot my anniversary

Because of my owner's cold I totally forgot it was my 6 month blog-anniversary yesterday!!
I must say I enjoyed these six month very much and am planning on adding a lot more months if not years to my blogging life!

Time to say a big thanks to my loyal followers! With a special thank you to Marie and Eve!
Marie: You are one special lady and I hope to hear from you and Moira soon.
Eve: I hadn't expected to make new friends along the way I must confess, but I'm really glad I did!
Also a big thank you to those who I know are following my blog, but havent come out in the open. I'm talking to you Jan and Kim! ;-)


Eve Noir said...

Wooo hooo, BIG Congrats!!!

Can't believe it, right? Wow, I guess we DID started blogging right around the same time, pretty cool!

Yes, it's great to have met friends on this & I am very glad to have met you too.
Happy Blog-iversary to you!!!

Here's to many more posts to come!~

Marie said...

Holy Cow!! 6 months already?!?! That time just flew by!

Well, congratulations to you, and you are welcome!! I should thank you too as I look forward to seeing what you are up to daily!

Moira is sleeping right now, but we do have some pictures to send your way in the next day or two!

Urok Burok said...

Well, well... Congratulations from me too.
Let's hope that the painkilling medicin helps to overcome that 'summerinflenza'of
your owner. Perhaps its going better when
summer really starts and a warm sunshine
will cheer up us all...